RAWA Denounces April 28 as Black Day
April 28, 2007 – Islamabad

To denounce the Black Day of coming to power of the criminal fundamentalist bands in Kabul in April 28, 1992, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) took out a protest rally and set-in in front of the UN headquarter in Islamabad.

The demonstrators carried photos depicting the destruction and devastation in Afghanistan and portraits of top criminals in the government like Sayyaf, Rabbani, Khalili, Qanoni, Dostum, Mohaqiq, Akbari, Fahim, Ismael etc. with cross marking on their faces.

While the Afghan corrupt and puppet regime celebrates April 28 as a victory day, for RAWA and gross majority of Afghan people, it is a dark day marked with bloodshed, destruction, crime and brutalities against our people. Following the collapse of the Russian puppet regime on April 28, 1992, the fundamentalist bands took power in Kabul and started a civil war due to which tens of thousand of innocent people were killed and Afghanistan was pushed back to Dark Age.

RAWA presented a memorandum to UN asking it to actively curb into the events in Afghanistan. Calling it “treason and insult to our people”, RAWA strongly condemned the recent statement given by the UN envoy in Afghanistan, Mr. Tom Koenigs that: “If there is to be a chance for peace, we must talk to everyone, including alleged war criminals and Taliban".

RAWA demo
Some of the slogans on the banners carried by the participants were: "Ajmal’s blood a disgraceful scare on the face of Taliban and Karzai", "Iran, Pakistan, all hands off Afghanistan!", " US attempt to talk with the Taliban is a treason to Afghan!", "Parliament full of drug kingpins, criminals and traitors can’t represent our people!", "Collaboration with any of the fundamentalists is equivalent to treachery", "The Northern Alliance should be brought to justice".

Many journalists were present to cover the rally and interviewed some of the participants.

Windows Media Video file Movie clip of the rally
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Afghan refugee students chant slogans during a protest rally organized by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) in Islamabad April 28, 2007. RAWA protesters, including women and children, demanded for peace and democracy in their war-ravaged country on Saturday. REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood

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