REUTERS, Apr.28, 2007
Afghan refugee students chant slogans during a protest rally organized by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) in Islamabad April 28, 2007. RAWA protesters, including women and children, demanded for peace and democracy in their war-ravaged country on Saturday. REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood

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RAWA protest rally
on the Gloomy Day of April 28

April 28, 2007 – Islamabad

Afghan women hold rally against Taliban, warlords
DAWN, April 29, 2007

ISLAMABAD, April 28: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) Saturday took out a protest rally and staged a sit-in in front of the UN offices to observe as Black Day the coming into power of Jehadi groups in Kabul.

On April 28, 1992, Jehadi forces took power in Afghanistan and unleashed a reign of terror, rape, looting and destruction. Over 65,000 people were killed only in Kabul from 1992-96. The Jehadi fundamentalists were replaced by ultra-fundamentalist mediaeval minded Taliban.

"But today the same ‘criminal jehadi forces', instead of appearing in court of justice for their war crime, are holding key positions in the Karzai government and trying to destabilise the situation", a statement issued by the organisation said.

About 600 women and girls arrived from Peshawar and some other cities of Pakistan and nearby provinces of Afghanistan to take part in the protest.

RAWA presented a memorandum to UN officials asking them to curb the events in Afghanistan.

Calling it "treason and insult to our people", RAWA condemned the recent statement given by the UN envoy in Afghanistan that: "If there is to be a chance for peace, we must talk to everyone, including alleged war criminals and Taliban".

The demonstrators carried large photos depicting the destruction and devastation in Afghanistan and portraits of top personalities in the Karzai government, banners and placards inscribed with slogans against war lords, Taliban and Karzai government in Pashtu, Persian and English.

A number of RAWA activists raised slogans, which were responded with fervour by participants in the march. Some of the slogans on the banners were: "Parliament full of drug kingpins, criminals and traitors can't represent our people!", "collaboration with any of the fundamentalists is equivalent to treachery", "The Northern Alliance should be brought to justice", "Iran, Pakistan hands off Afghanistan!".

The participants criticized the passage of the recent "National Reconciliation" bill by the Afghan parliament which provides immunity to all war criminals of the past over two decades in Afghanistan.—Online

RAWA organizes rally on jihadies takeover anniversary
Spokesperson alleges war criminals still ruling Afghanistan
The News International, April 29, 2007

Myra Imran

ISLAMABAD: To observe April 28 as the darkest day in their country's political history, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) on Saturday held a protest rally.

A good number of Afghans mainly from refugee camps and Peshawar attended the rally that began from the Saudi-Pak Tower and ended in front of the nearby United Nation's office.

The participants showed deep concern over the silence of the international community over the prevailing political situation in Afghanistan.

Holding placards and banners, the protesters shouted slogans against the present Afghan regime. One of the prominent banners said, "UN attempt to talk with Taliban is treason to Afghans" while another one read "Taliban and Northern Alliance are war criminals."

Sehar Saba, a spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Committee of RAWA told The News that April 28, 1992 was the day when fundamentalist parties and Northern Alliance took over Kabul.

She said that what they did to women in the name of religion and culture was unprecedented. She pointed out that 65,000 people were killed between 1992 and 1996, hundreds of women were killed or committed suicide and millions were forced to migrate to neighboring countries. As much as 80 percent of infrastructure was destroyed, she said.

Referring to the fact that five years since the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan, she said the level of misery and agony of Afghans had increased manifold. "The war criminals who should be brought before the International Court of Justice for their crimes are still ruling the country," Saba said.

Muhammad Yousuf, a teacher by profession, said that they did not want the rule of people who destroyed the country. "We have suffered enough at the hands of these leaders and want an end to their rule."

A statement issued by RAWA said that the American forces act so recklessly and hastily in killing innocent civilians that it seems they are in Afghanistan to avenge the innocent people of Afghanistan for the 3,000 victims of the 9/11 rather than targeting terrorist of their own creation – the Taliban.

It said the death toll of Afghan civilians was much higher than that of 9/11. "This has indeed provoked and enraged the wrath of the people, encouraging the Taliban terrorists, who definitely receive maximum benefits," it stated.

The statement said the pro-governemt intellectuals and politicians cry blaming Pakistan as the only cause of Afghanistan's ongoing tragedies. "They tend to forget that the Iranian regime's interference obviously being far more dreadful than that of Pakistan's, Karzai cannot wrap his government's failures in this garb any longer."

RAWA rally demands rights for Afghan women
The Nation, April 29, 2007


ISLAMABAD - The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) staged a rally here on Saturday demanding the provision of due rights to the women segment of society in Afghanistan.

The rally participants opposed not only the Taliban style of government but also the present regime in Afghanistan, and called for a genuine democracy for the rights of the Afghan women.

Afghan women and children participated in the rally as they were also holding banners inscribed with different slogans including those against the Karzai government and Taliban remnants.

They were chanting slogans such as 'Afghanistan Zindabad' 'Karzai, Gulbaddin and Taliban Murdabad'. The rally started from the Saudi-Pak Tower on Jinnah Avenue and concluded in front of the UN office.

Members of RAWA said, the reign of terror imposed by the Taliban and the Northern Alliance terrorists prevailed across the country and required fearless struggle to end it.

"The last five years have given a clear message to our people, particularly the anti-fundamentalists and democratic forces, that neither the US nor any outside force can liberate this ill-fated nation from the fetters of the fundamentalism," said a RAWA member.

"We require a decisive and united struggle, relying on our own power, courage and daring sacrifices as we unite with freedom-loving people around the world, so we will not be deterred in our devotion to a free and safe Afghanistan," she said.

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