Honorary Doctorate to RAWA
By University of Antwerp (Belgium)
For outstanding non-academic achievements

Honorary Doctorate of University of Antwerp  -Written in Dutch

It is with pleasure that I am able to inform you that the Council of the University of Antwerp in its meeting of 22 November 2002 decided to award RAWA an honorary doctorate for meritorious service to society.

By conferring an honorary doctorate for meritorious service to society, the University of Antwerp wishes to honour the outstanding social achievements which have earned the members of RAWA international renown and great moral stature.

Allow me to congratulate RAWA again upon the award of the honorary doctorate and to express the hope that I shall have the honour of meeting you in person in the near future.

Prof. Dr. F. Van Loon
Rector and Chairman
University of Antwerp

RAWA member after receiving the doctorate
On May 16, 2003, honorary doctorate for outstanding non-academic achievements was given to a RAWA member during a ceremony in Antwerp-Belgium.

- Laudatio for RAWA by Prof. Dr. Diana Phillips
- Speech of RAWA member in the ceremony [Português | Italiano | Español | Français]
- RAWA receives Honorary PhD (Gazet Van Antwerpen, May 18, 2003)
- On the web site of University of Antwerp

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