RAWA Message to "Afghan Solidarity"

Dear compatriots,
Sisters and brothers, honoured patriots,

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan in its turn praises your worthy initiative of uniting and raising the voice of protest against the Jehadi and Taliban criminals, and salutes those responsible and participating in this movement.

While our Afghanistan is crushed and reduced to a pulp in the filthy claws of a handful of executioners felonious and mercenary and ignorant to the marrow of their bones, and our bereaved people suffer under the most calamitous and sanguinary conditions, it is especially up to our compatriots living in the West to use the favorable circumstances to rise up against the criminal fundamentalists, and to struggle until the people of those lands realize that, with the exception of a handful of individuals clearly dependent on this or that criminal camp of traitors, a decisive majority of our people are fiery patriots, who will not rest anywhere in the world until the dawn of the sun of freedom and democracy in our country, and who will never tolerate the domination of aliens and their domestic Taliban and Jehadi slaves in this age of the atom and the computer and emancipation.

Our people, with their nearly peerless resistance, broke the back of a superpower such as Russia and its Parchami and Khaliqi puppets, and moved the world to admiration. Yet, regrettably, they next fell into the diabolic trap of creatures many times more bloodthirsty and savage. What our nation has suffered and continues to suffer since April 28, 1992 is without parallel in our history. Jehadi rogues have murdered tens of thousands of our compatriots, and have turned Kabul into a terrifying ruin, and have violated hundreds of young women and girls, and did not even spare elderly mothers and adolescent boys from violation.

The Jehadis and Taliban, these slaves of the Klashnikov, the dollar, and heroin, care about nothing other than filling their pockets and their lust for power, and, by taking wicked advantage of religion, have resorted to the most anti-popular and treacherous demagoguery, and respond with bullets and accusations of heresy to any cry of protest.

The fundamentalists, of Pushtu and non-Pushtu and Sunni and Shiah varieties, are the primary cause of the current tragedy in Afghanistan, and until our land has been cleansed of the taint of the existence of these criminals, the achievement of peace, security and the organization of a government based on democratic values will remain a chimerical notion.

Compatriots! Our country has become a jackal's arena, where the bordering countries and world powers each try to fish in its troubled waters, and what they have no regard for is the destiny of our people. Pakistan has for years patted the heads of the most filthy groups in Afghanistan, and has imposed them on our people. Yet one must not forget the part of Iran's bloodthirsty regime, Uzbekistan, Russia and other countries in the nurture and control of mercenary groups. If today Pakistan descends a flood of arms and dollars and fighting forces towards the Taliban, it is a fact that Iran, Russia and India, too, share in warming the battlefield and the ruin and slaughter of our people by their unsparing financial, military and political support of the Rabbani-Masoud gang and partners.

Some European countries want to give a "democratic" aura to the Rabbani-Masoud gang and impose it on Afghanistan, heedless of the fact that our people have seen such days full of blood and treachery from the Jehadis, that they consider such oppressors as meriting only contempt and damnation, no matter what clothes they cover themselves with.

The degree of the American government's faith in democracy and women's rights and human rights in Afghanistan was also revealed when, in the midst of "condemnation" of the Taliban because of the destruction of Bamian idols, suddenly, by American invitation, a Taliban-ling appeared in that country, in tandem with the unprecedented coming into operation of the power of its media in order to advertise and magnify him, and the arrangement of speeches for him at universities, and even the paying of a visit by State Department officials to the 24-year-old representative of the most detested and anti-human regime in the world. While, only a short time earlier, when two representatives of RAWA were in America by invitation of our supporters, no official of that country showed any inclination to meet with them!

The terrifying crimes and oppression, and the lunatic skirmishes and unprecedented natural disasters have again forced our afflicted people to migrate within and outside the country. The Maslakh Camp and several other Herat camps witnessed the silent and untimely deaths of hundreds from cold weather. In a hell called Jalozai in Pakistan, tens of our compatriots expire every day from over-forty-degree temperatures and hunger and lack of medicines and shelter. The murder of Salahuddin by Pakistan's police is one of hundreds of cases to end up in the media. But the reality is that in Afghanistan, under the rule of the religious fascists, every corner of our land is a Maslakh Camp and a Jalozai, and the news about tens and hundreds of Salahuddins never get printed in the media.

We have always stressed that any effort by the United Nations or any other authority or country, if it does not include the complete disarmament of Jehadi and Taliban traitors, has no value and is condemned to failure. The United Nations, the European Union, The United States, Japan and other countries, if they sincerely seek a solution to the Afghanistan problem, must recognize the Taliban and Jehadi chieftains as murderers and war criminals, and instead of ridiculous and one-sided punishments against the Taliban, slap various sanctions on the countries that send them arms and money, so that the war machines of both anti-nationalist and anti-popular bands become paralysed.

RAWA, with the banner of its martyred leader in its hands, is the vanguard of anti-fundamentalism, and the standard-bearer of freedom, democracy and women's rights in Afghanistan. RAWA, although subject to a flood of base accusations by agents of the fundamentalists, will under the worst conditions remains the voice of voiceless and deprived women and men, fearless of difficulties and ready for sacrifices.

No country is heedful of our people's struggle in the hell of fundamentalism. Let us link arms, and, relying on the power of our bereaved people, overturn the government of blood and treason of the fundamentalists on their heads, so that, incidentally, no country will again dare to nurture mercenaries and to interfere in Afghanistan.

We again welcome our compatriots' demonstrations against the agents of Afghanistan's devastation, and hope that this initiative will continue in the United States and other points in the world, until the day of emancipation of the beloved Afghanistan from the chains of treacherous Jehadi and Taliban.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

July 14, 2001


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