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Afghan varsity's female section closure flayed

The Frontier Post, October 5, 2000
F.P. Bureau Report

PESHAWAR - Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) has taken strong note of the closure of female section of the Afghan University in City and termed it an unwise decision of the local authorities which might affect the future of the thousands of Afghan girls getting education in Pakistan.

"We strongly condemn this decision which had probably been taken under the pressure of Taliban who had already banned education on the people inside Afghanistan particularly the female education.

The recent decision to close down the female section of Afghan University has badly disappointed the Afghan women", said a representative of RAWA while talking to The Frontier Post on Wednesday.

This, she said, was the misfortune of the Afghan nation that they were denied all facilities.

Pakistan was the only place where the Afghan girls were getting education.

Since Taliban had banned education in Afghanistan, then how they could tolerate such facilities for Afghan girls here in Pakistan.

The people of Afghanistan, she said, had no right to do politics or get education.

"We not only demand immediate re-opening of the closed university but also such other universities so that thousands of other Afghan girls could get proper education.

In the present circumstances, education was the only means which could save thousands of Afghan girls from committing suicides.

The helpless Afghan girls and women are living like prisoners inside the four walls in Afghanistan.

We have been receiving complaints from the helpless girls and they are fed up with their lives.

Majority of them had dreams to become doctors, engineers and get education but they could not even come out of their houses. They are under depression.

We try to convince them and encourage them to get education inside their houses", she added.

The RAWA representative continued that majority of the people of Afghanistan had migrated to Pakistan only to impart education to their children, particularly their daughters.

But they were extremely disappointed, as they could not afford the fees in Pakistani educational institutions.

This was the only university where the Afghan families could afford educating their children in their limited resources.

"We appeal to all the concerned authorities not to close this university. The government should re-open more schools and universities for the helpless Afghan girls and children", she added.

Expressing grave concern over the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, she said that the Afghan generation could not get education and the youth had only learnt how to kill or destroy things.

If they were given proper education, they could play their positive role for the welfare and prosperity of their country and nation.

The Afghan people wanted to educate their children but in the present situation, educating their children was a dream for them.

"RAWA express the hope that the government will never deprive the Afghan generation particularly the female from getting education in Pakistan", she concluded.

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