RAWA Educational Policy

Education is Power

We teach our students:

Recognition of these basic principles and values:

- Everyone must respect all human beings regardless of language, religion, race, sex, color, etc.
- There is no difference between people; no human being is superior to any other because of class, color, language, race, or religion.
- All human beings do not have to think alike or live the same way.
- It's to the benefit of society that all human beings live in peace, understanding, and harmony.

Religious Tolerance:

- Respect all religions and their followers.
- Understand that followers of all religions can live in harmony and peace.
- Do not discriminate against the followers of religious sects different from your own.
- Understand that religion is a private matter that cannot be forced on anyone else and nobody should be allowed to misuse it for any end, it must be kept separated from politics.
- Do not allow criminals in the future to dare to commit crimes in the name of religion, as did the Jahadis and Taliban.

Ethnic Tolerance:

- Respect all ethnic groups in Afghanistan.
- No ethnic group is superior to any other and no one should be allowed to look down on others.
- All members of all ethnic groups have the right to speak their own languages.
- Respect for each language means respect for the culture of those people who live in different regions and cities.
- Prevent ethnic divisions and the kind of conflicts that, unfortunately, today have reached their peak because it is practiced by the criminal fundamentalists.
- To know the history of their own and other countries and about those who sacrificed their lives for freedom; set them as an example for themselves.

Gender Tolerance:

- No human being is better than any other because of gender; contrary to the belief of the fundamentalists who treat our women as cattle and represent them as mentally deficient.
- Avoid any kind of behavior that promotes gender apartheid.
- Invalidate antiquated myths stories or poetry wrapped with religious, traditional or cultural reasons that portray women as powerless and less equal than men.


- Respect all people who have infirmity, whether physical, mental, or emotional.
- Promote a good relationship with the handicapped, and promote their involvement in society.
- Respect and promote the right of all children to live in harmony.

Environmental Sensitivity:

- Save mother earth with all its richness.
- Avoid using items that pollute the environment.
- Teach that animals have a right to live and avoid wanton killing; don't kill them except for food purposes.
- Do not injure animals.
- Preserve animals that are endangered or threatened species.
- Preserve trees and jungles and don't pollute the air and water.
- A culture of peace is not possible if it does not promote conservation of the environment.


- Avoid harsh treatment of human beings and animals.
- Recognize the causes of anger and actively try to help diminish the causes.
- Never hurt any human being who is not going to hurt you.
- Recognize the execution and killing of human beings as unacceptable and cruel.
- Avoid words, programs, toys, entertainment, and movies that promote and glorify violence and anger.
- Promote an understanding that anger and the exercise of violence is not the first and only way of solving problems.

Core Values of Life:

- Encourage a respect for the value of life and implement them in their lives.
- Honesty, decency, simplicity, unity, love, patience, responsibility, happiness, respect, and help for others are the values of life that should be inculcated and practiced routinely by everyone.
- Encourage eagerness in understanding the ideas of others.

Family Values:

- Encourage respect for one's own family and those of others.
- Promote the understanding that everyone, regardless of where they live (suburb, city, or our country), is part of the bigger family that we all belong to.
- Respect the wisdom and dignity of the elders in every family.

Partnership Values:

- Encourage listening to the ideas of others.
- Respect teamwork and focus on the success of common goals.
- Engage in the activities of others and involve others in one's own activities.
- Avoid unilateral decision-making and imposing one's will on the majority.
- Should not allow themselves to make decisions individually and impose them on others.

Freedom Values:

- Promote respect for the difference between human beings and an understanding that all human beings don't have to think alike.
- Avoid pre judgment.
- Avoid anything that damages and debases the values of human beings.
- Respect freedom of thought and avoid imposing one's ideas on others arbitrarily.
- Respect the freedom of all human beings.
- That freedom has real meaning only with justice and democracy.
- Teach the idea that freedom doesn't exist without justice.

Individual rights:

- Encourage an understanding of one's own rights.
- Understand human rights and respect them.

Peace Values:

- Encourage work for world peace and make peace a priority over conflict.
- Exercise love for human beings.
- Promote peace by learning other countries' cultures, and learn that living in peace and harmony is the only right way for human beings.
- Understand that peace will come to our country only when there is no sign of Jahadi/Talibi fundamentalists as military, terrorist and troublemaker force.
- To never let Afghanistan, which today has become a field for dogfighting and bloodbaths, be a place for the monster like fundamentalists, Parchami and Khalqi traitors.

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