Rendering any support to the Taliban or other fundamentalist group in Afghanistan is the worst kind of hostility against our people

Honorable delegates of the OIC member-states,

For fourteen-years our mortified people had fought against the Russian occupation and their Khalqi and Parchami puppet regimes and shed their blood for the sake of independence. After the collapse of the puppet regime, they were expecting that with peace and stability in Afghanistan their wounds would be healed. But the domination of the criminal fundamentalists in 1992 in Kabul and other provinces completely shattered their hope. Our people realized that they became the victims of a more painful and disastrous invasion, wrapped with the religious slogans.

The fundamentalistsí record is so horrible which is not comparable to any other war-ridden land in the world.

The killings of thousands of people; the destruction of Kabul and other cities; the raping and "disappearance" of women and young girls and boys; looting; closing of the educational institution; famine and unprecedented price-hike; fueling of the ethnic and religious wars; threat to the countryís integrity and so forth are the gifts of the ominous entrance of the criminal Islamic parties in our land.

And the emergence of the Taliban was another dagger in the heart of our people. Taliban made their own Islam an instrument to suppress and insult the people and perpetuate their inhuman domination. They have established their own fundamentalistic dictatorship which is thoroughly anti-women, anti-democracy, anti-culture and science.

In the last analysis, Taliban are the brothers-in-faith of the "jehadis". Regarding trampling under foot the womenís rights and antagonism towards freedom and democracy, Taliban donít have any essential difference with their murderous brothers like Rabbani, Sayyaf, Gulbaddin Hekmatyar, Masud, Dostam and others.

By their inhuman acts, the Taliban have acquired such a disgraced fame for them selves and Islam, that even their fundamentalist brothers in certain countries were forced to condemn their policies.

Itís five years that our people have been burning in the over higher flames of the fundamentalist tyranny. However not a single member states of OIC took notice of this situation as if nothing has happened in Afghanistan.

The policy of forging unity among the different fundamentalist parties, is nothing but a brazen act of enmity against Afghans. Should the religious criminals be united to kill and ruin physically and spiritually more and more freely and brutally our bereaved people? The real reason of the current disaster in Afghanistan is the domination of the so-called "jehadi" and the Taliban parties. Until and unless these arch enemies of democracy and womenís rights are ruling the country, the suffering of our people will never end. On the other hand the Taliban and Jehadi parties who are in possession of dollars and who are armed to the teeth will never reconcile and put an end the slaughtering of our people.

The presence of the Taliban delegation in the OIC summit would be counted as a sharp blow to the dignity and reputation of the OIC and is also as ridiculing the people of Afghanistan. The religious fascists should not be regarded as the "leaders" of our country just because they have tanks, guns and dollars.

"Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan" (RAWA) asks the respected delegates of the OIC that if their governments donít support this or that Afghan fundamentalist group, they must pay attention to the underlying factor of the Afghan crisis and try their best in order to guarantee the territorial integrity, establishing of freedom, democracy and womenís rights in Afghanistan and avoid recognition of Taliban or treacherous jehadi forces. Otherwise any government who would like to support any warring faction, would definitely prove itself as an enemy of our nation.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
March 23,1997