RAWA Celebrates the International Women’s Day
March 8, 2008 - Kabul

On March 8, 2008, the International Women's Day was marked through a large function in Almas-e-Sharq Hotel in Kabul.

RAWA students present a patriotic song.

Well-known Afghan singer, Baryalai Wali presented some songs in the event.

Over 1,500 women and men participated in the event.

Every year, on the International Women’s Day, RAWA presents a certificate of honor to an Afghan citizen who has exhibited courage and sacrifice in the past three decades of conflict in Afghanistan.
In 2008, the certificate was given to Saddiqa, a 17-year-old Afghan girl who has a sad and tragic story. She lost 7 members of her family in the infighting of the fundamentalist bands in Kabul when she was only two. Later in a rocket fired on their house, she lost her leg and now with her father and brother, who are the only survivors of a large family, lives in poverty and struggles to make a living and also get an education.

Ariana TV (Persian)

Ariana TV (English)

Baryalai Wali presents a ptriotic song in the RAWA event:

Afghan Women Want Warlords in the Dock (Internationalen Weekly, March 14, 2008)

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