Reflection in Pakistani Press

The US Bares its Fangs
to its Flunkeys

    Last night the world was astounded by the news of US missile strikes against targets in Afghanistan and the Sudan.

    RAWA has in the past repeatedly warned that the US GOVERNMENT is no friend of the people of Afghanistan, primarily because during the past two decades she did not spare any effort or expense in training and arming the most sordid, the most treacherous, the most misogynic and anti-democratic indigenous Islamic fundamentalist gangs and innumerable crazed Arab fanatics in Afghanistan and in unleashing them upon our people. After the retreat of the Russian aggressors and the collapse of Najib's puppet regime in Afghanistan these fundamentalist entities became all the more wildly unbridled. They officially and wholeheartedly accepted the yoke of servitude to the interests of foreign governments, in which capacity they have perpetrated such crimes and atrocities against the people of Afghanistan that no parallel can be found in the history of any land on earth.

    It is no secret that Afghan fundamentalists headed by Burhanuddin Rabbani, Karim Khalili, Rasul Sayyaf, Ahmad Shah Masoud, Golbuddin Hekmatyar, Yunis Khalis, Mullah Omar and associates such as Dostum and his like have all been nurtured in the lap of the CIA. It was the CIA that gave all these nobodies name and fame and supported them in their power-grabbing and fiefdom-building ploys and plots. Now the US is out to hunt down Osama bin Laden, an old Arab operative raised and trained by the CIA who is cohabiting with the Taliban and bankrolling the decimation of our compatriots in the Taliban's dog-fights with their Jihadi brethren-in-creed. The US made maximum use of Arab mercenaries in her dogged determination to undo her superpower rival, the Soviet Union, but now the old myrmidons have become too much of an ungrateful nuisance. The US is the ally [read master] and sponsor of quite a number of anti-democratic fundamentalist states and entities in the world, therefore the United States' quarrel with her protégés, whether Arabs or Taliban or Jihadis, is nothing but a "domestic" dispute between lord and vassal.

    RAWA roundly condemns the US air strikes against Afghanistan because the impoverished masses of Afghanistan --already trapped in the dog-fighting between the US's Taliban and Jihadi flunkeys-- are the ones who are most hurt in the attacks, and also because the US, like the arrogant superpower she is, has violated the sovereignty of the Afghan people and the territorial integrity of the Afghan homeland.

    The US is against fundamentalist terrorism to the extent and until such time as her proper interests are jeopardised; otherwise she is all too happy to be a friend and sponsor of any fundamentalist-terrorist criminal entity. If the US does not want her ridiculous bigotry to show and really wants to eliminate fundamentalist terrorism, she should draw lessons from her own past myopic policies and realise that the sources of fundamentalist terrorism are America's support to the most reactionary regimes in Arab and non-Arab countries and her military and financial largesse to Afghan fundamentalist criminals. Terrorism will be uprooted only when these two sources are dried up.

    The US air strike against Afghanistan is particularly shameful and worthy of condemnation because it comes at a time when the Iranian regime, under the pretext of aiding and supporting the Masood, Rabbani and Dostum bands and its Shiite myrmidons, are openly talking of military intervention in Afghanistan, and Russia and the Central Asian republics are speaking out in support of their Jihadi lackeys. It is not surprising that minutes after the news of the attack went on the air, the so-called Afghan ambassador in London, Ahmad Wali Masood (brother of Ahmad Shah Masood) in an interview with the BBC condoned and welcomed the American air strikes and asked the US to break in the Taliban by expanding and increasing such attacks, because the Taliban "had taken delivery of Osama bin Laden from the ISI". The utterances of this mean thief clearly shows the opportunism of Jihadi traitors who stoop to any baseness and conspiracy when things become too uncomfortable for them.

    The Jihadi traitors should understand that just as the Taliban ignoramus-cum-criminals' anti-American outpourings and their defence of Osama bin Laden cannot cleanse them in the eyes of our people of the infamy of their American-sponsored spawning, in the same manner the mark of shame and disgrace on the Jihadis' foreheads cannot be washed away, because till yesterday the greater part of the CIA cash-and-arms pipeline was being poured down their throats, and today the same fundamentalist cut-throat Jihadi bands have become servile mercenaries serving Iranian, Indian and Tajikistani interests.

    It would be a grave mistake if the governments of the US, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and India were to take stock of our people's patriotism, love of liberty and hatred of alien overlords from the examples set by their Jihadi, Taliban and Dostumi chained dogs. Despite the severe traumatism the people of Afghanistan have been subjected to during long years of suffering under Jihadi, Taliban and Dostumi infamy and criminality, should the Iranian regime or any other country dare to invade Afghanistan, they can rest reassured that this fundamentalist-blighted nation will unsparingly and unreservedly rush to shed its last drop of its blood in a patriotic anti-Iranian, anti-American, anti-Pakistani and anti-Jihadi/Taliban-flunkey war for the defence of the sacred motherland.

    The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) staunchly believes that until such time as the stench of Jihadi and Taliban fundamentalist infamy rises from Afghanistan, the possibility of American, Iranian, or any other country's aggression on our homeland cannot be ruled out because the venal loyalty of these countries' Afghan chained dogs gives them a sense of entitlement to Afghanistan. Therefore, in face of the farce staged by US state terrorism purporting to show punishment of its disobedient flunkeys, a farce livened up by the blood of our innocent compatriots, the duty of our people remains unchanged: to prepare and stage an insurrectionary conflagration which will burn to ashes the roots and the seeds of indigenous fundamentalist entities as well as their Arab, Pakistani, and Iranian patrons and supporters, and revert Afghanistan to its people who are the rightful owners, so that no power, whether the US or any other country in the world would dream of violating it.

    • We condemn the US attack on Afghanistan!
    • Down with Taliban and Jihadi criminals!
    • Long live our people's intractable insurrection for Liberty and Democracy!

    Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
    August 21, 1998

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