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RAWA statement marking April 28 Black Day of seizure of Kabul by the fundamentalists

Human Rights Disaster in Afghanistan Can Only End When Fundamentalist Domination Is Put To An End!

As the horror of fundamentalist groupings’ growth and development began to unfold with the torrent of arms-and-money-largesse poured into the war in our country by interested foreign powers, we predicted that compared to Khalqi and Parchami sold-out Russian stooges the fundamentalists will eventually prove to be a far deadlier and much more poisonous dagger stabbing deep into the vitals of our mortally wounded nation. Since the black day of April 28, 1992 when fundamentalist savages seized control of our country our people have daily been witness to untold crimes the fundamentalist traitors have perpetrated in accordance with masterplans designed by their foreign masters.

The Jihadi and Taliban fundamentalists are being moved liked sinister chesspieces across the political chessboard which Afghanistan has been reduced to. Deprivation of the entire population --and women in particular-- of their very basic human rights; boarding up of the doors of schools in the face of women and calling institutions of learning ‘Gateways to Hell’; looting and destruction of all vestiges of culture and art; heinous violations of the honour of mothers, daughters and young boys; the fanning up of ethnic, tribal and linguistic antagonisms; savage tortures and murders of thousands of innocent people; foul misuse of the people’s hallowed beliefs; in brief, utter devastation of an entire nation and country is the odious end-result of the nefarious game which is being played out in Afghanistan through the despicable offices of the Jihadi and Taliban fundamentalists.

The world community has for the most part remained a spectator to the multitude of atrocities committed in Afghanistan and no country or world authority has undertaken any meaningful step against the fundamentalists in the interests of ending the human rights tragedy in this country.

According to Amnesty International, Afghanistan continues to remain “the world’s largest forgotten tragedy”. World media has lashed itself and world opinion into a frenzy over Kosovo, but the brutally savage massacre of tens of thousands of innocent people by the fundamentalists  in Kabul alone did not even get into the news. Is it because European blood is thicker than the blood of the people of Afghanistan? Has providence decreed that our people should everlastingly swim in an ocean of tears and blood and be doomed to an existence of agony as fair prey of world bullies and their indigenous henchmen? The United Nations and other world forums sleep the sleep of the just when every now and then they manage to bring the fundamentalists together and tether them to the same peg as a sign of their ‘concord’ and laying aside of their irreconcilable self-interests. What these respectable world bodies do not give a second thought to is that pandering to the ‘concord’ and ‘understanding’ of such a bunch of misogynic, democracy-hating barbarian criminals as our Afghan fundamentalist “leaders”, is --for all intents and purposes-- putting our people under the butchers’ knives so that fundamentalist butchers should ‘jointly’ and ‘in consensus’ be better able to slash and hack and hew at the Afghan people’s political, social, economic, material and spiritual identity and existence. We demand to know why the United Nations and other world bodies insist on delivering the destiny of our people into the hands of fundamentalist murderers, and why no recognition is being extended to the hatred and revulsion the people of Afghanistan feel in regard to fundamentalist entities, as manifested in the fettered struggles and gagged voices of pro-democracy forces including RAWA? Only some weeks ago we all witnessed the latest “peace accord” signed between the Taliban and their Jihadi brethren-in-infamy. The passage of a mere few days was enough to prove for the umpteenth time the utter futility of placing hopes in the fundamentalists’ integrity and commitment to ending the bloodshed in our country. Reports of renewed savage fighting between the two sides –both paragons of ignorance and infamy—came out in the media and once again the correctness of our prediction in regard to the fundamentalists’ deeply inhuman and war-thriving essence was furnished with proof by the fundamentalists themselves.

We have repeatedly asserted and assert once again that there can be no solution to the Afghanistan issue through bringing fundamentalist bands together. Even if these criminal bands finally accept to make peace with each other, this will in no way mean an end to the tragedy, but will on the contrary herald the tightening of the chains of suppression suffocating the people of Afghanistan and forces fighting for freedom and democracy in the country. Only the final, decisive and irreversible overthrow of fundamentalists by pro-democracy and anti-fundamentalist forces of our country can be considered as the key to the solution to the Afghanistan problem.

RAWA calls upon all Afghan political and human rights institutions and bodies outside the country to put aside pusillanimous policies vis-à-vis Jihadi and Taliban tyrants and to prove themselves sensitive to the harrowing suffering and grief of our people, particularly that of Afghan women. We call upon them to rise up and join us in exposing and struggling --at whatever level possible-- to overthrow fundamentalist tyranny and to show the world that our people consider April 28 [day fundamentalists seized power] to be blacker and more odious than April 27 [day Russian stooges seized power].

Despite being under attack and the target of despicable slander by fundamentalists and their cowardly supporters from all quarters, RAWA will continue to stalwartly shoulder to the very end the banner crimsoned by the blood of its leader. We staunchly believe that the domination of murderers, stooges and enemies of democracy and women’s rights cannot endure long.

Down with fundamentalism!
Long live a free and democratic Afghanistan!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
28th April 1999 - Islamabad

[Persian Version]