RAWA statement on the odious day of April 28

Through staunch struggle
against the fundamentalists and their masters,
let's end the ongoing catastrophe of April 28!

We, once again denounce the gloomy day of April 28 at a time when the bloody sword of butchers goes even deeper into soul and body of our misery-stricken people due to traitors-fostering policies of Mr. Karzai and the US government. Henceforth, the champions of this black day feel comfort to stretch their wings over the people. The Jehadi criminals, whose savagery still continues to torment the soul of our people and the legacy of their thug war has remained intact, which left behind severe destruction in every nook and corner of this country, particularly in Kabul city. Instead of being put on trial, they are appointed to key government posts. This is an unforgivable insult to the lives of thousands of innocent people killed by the fundamentalists. Celebrating and jubilating this day at the graves of 65,000 known and unknown dead bodies of Kabulis and its ruined places clearly indicates that the fundamentalists who still dominate over this country are dead drunk.

Mr. Karzai, who seems to not be satisfied by praising and whitewashing the "Northern Alliance" criminals such as Sayyaf, Rabbani, Dustom, Ismail Khan, Qanooni, Anwari, Khalili and alike traitors, now pats over a faction of the Taliban, embellishing them as "moderates" through perfumes and cosmetics. Soon after, the medieval, hideous faces of people like Wakil Ahmed Motawakil, Mullah Ghous, Mullah Zaeef, Hakim Mujahid, Mullah Arsala, Mullah Hotaki and similar top ranks of Taliban will be brought into play as close aides to Karzai. These men deserve to be put on trial for being the most misogynist, anti-civilization oppressors. Only Gulbaddin's place is empty in Karzai's camp, who undoubtedly will soon join this unholy unity.

Mr. Karzai needs to bear in mind that he and his shaky government has no right to forgive such traitors, and unleash them to commit any vice and crime. Only the people have the right to decide what to do with the heads of Jehadis and Taliban. Mr. Karzai and his circle have never experienced the panic of insults and atrocities of these criminals, and their sons, daughters and wives have never been humiliated by the fundamentalists, therefore they can't feel the depth of the treasonous nature of such collaboration with the sworn enemies of our people.

It is hard to believe, but it is a reality that the fundamentalist-dominated cabinet, after beating the drum for Masoud as a "hero", now order the naming of one of Kabul's streets, Abdul Ali Mazari, one of the most infamous blood suckers of April 28. It doesn't matter if Kabulis spit over this shameful decision of the cabinet or respect the murderers, what really matters is that Mr. Karzai and the heartless intellectuals around him proclaim war against Afghanistan’s people by such an insult to the blood of thousands of Kabulis. And at the same time makes it clear that they are no different from some most defamed elements in Afghan history such as Shah Shuja and Babrak. It shows that the only things they don't think about are people's interests.

It is an elusive dream to expect even the slightest positive change in the current circumstances, when all warlords using their authoritative power, money and guns have an upper hand. And the Western media intelligently glosses over the heart-breaking realities by portraying a calm and peaceful image of Afghanistan. But the conditions are so catastrophic that even some American sources fear the hard consequences. Killing, looting, corruption , bribery, abduction , rapes of women and children, drug cultivation , trafficking, wasting and stealing of billions of dollars of aid and national assets, unemployment and so many more miseries are very common and are based on convenience. The government is incapable of tackling even the smallest problems of our people.

The recent stoning to death of Amina in Badakhsahn province is a stigma in the forehead of Mr. Karzai and his guardians that they repeatedly talk about “human rights” and “democracy” in Afghanistan but because of their wrong policies our miserable women still face such inhuman and brutish punishments.

The people have realized that their country has been turned into a chess board of world powers once again, where the world powers don't want to easily lose their key terrorist lackeys, in whom they have invested for years. And, therefore, they keep them in political power to ensure that they have their puppet government in Afghanistan in place.

It is ironic to discuss freedom, democracy and rule of law and justice, where guns, power and dollars are dominant forces, and a heroin mafia and fundamentalism have free hands. That is why people are not optimistic to see positive results in the upcoming parliamentary election. As their vote was betrayed in the presidential election, the make up of the parliament and new government will be not based on people's vote but the conspiracies behind the scenes. The hatred dramas being played by the so-called "opposition", which are a bunch of infamous criminals and reactionary gangs headed by Younis Qannoni, are part of this campaign.

It was repeatedly pointed out by RAWA, and the history and bitter events of our country proved it many times, that no outsider can bestow freedom, democracy and justice to another nation. All expectations and hopes of our people have been replied by the shameful dealings in the last 4 years.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, RAWA, has asserted time and again that we will not be able to crash the oppressive chain of fundamentalists as long as we ourselves do not stand up for freedom and democracy. All freedom-loving forces must overcome fear, and work toward reconciliation, and rise up firmly against the fundamentalists and their God-fathers and put an end to fascism and barbarism. Peace, independence, democracy and secularism can only be achieved through mobilizing and organizing people against fundamentalism.

Struggle for real freedom makes its way through lofty mountains and these fake limited freedoms for the revolutionaries will be replaced by prisons, executions and fascism. Nevertheless, we are of the strong belief that foreign domination will have a short life span in this land, and soon after, democracy and real justice will prevail by the people's power. Let's make this glorious day come soon by devotion and fearlessness of death.

Cut off the hands of the makers of the April 28 tragedy from the heart of our nation!
Long live Freedom, Democracy and Secularism!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
April 28, 2005

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Photos of RAWA rally on the black day