Statement of RAWA demonstration on the Black Day of April 28

The gloom of 28th April is still dominant in our country

In 1992, following the fall of Kabul and its people in fire and blood, by the hands of criminal parties tied to Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, instead of conciliating, RAWA raised the slogan; "28th April more sinister than 27th". Apart from those felons who were and who are calling themselves "Jehadis", and their intellectual servants, there were people who declared this slogan as trivial and an insult to "Jehadis." In order to disgrace RAWA these people supported those responsible for the incidents of 28th April, 1994.

But the history that has been written in blood and crime cannot be revised with pen and propaganda. The "Northern Alliance," despite expressing anger, power and a continuation of threats, terror, propaganda and conspiracy, failed to remove the scars of crimes against our people from their dirty faces. Last year we witnessed that some local media, after interviewing and collecting opinions, called the 28th of April the "bloody black day of crime, aggression", etc… Naturally if the sense of insecurity and fear was not prominent, 95% of people would condemn the day of aggression of fundamentalists in Kabul after the collapse of the puppet regime. They are now witnessing how the factors responsible for the 28th of April are blocking the way for this devastated and ruined country to move forward towards peace and reconstruction. If leaders of the "Northern Alliance" were not considered as culprits of the 28th of April for some in the past, they have now very firmly been proven to be the dirtiest elements in Afghanistan.

The recent incidents of Herat, Mimana and Uruzgan made it obvious to everyone that the bandits of "Northern Alliance" who have taken specific areas of Afghanistan under their control and consider them as their family property are not in a mood to give up their power and show allegiance towards any central government. For them it is crystal clear that if disarmed today, they will not have any value among their tribes, let alone among the people of Afghanistan. During the meetings of the drug dealing leaders of Jehadis like Ismael Khan, Muhaqaq, Dostum and Rabbani, the name of Latif Padram was also mentioned. This is not going to add any other scars to the character of this Iranian spy but perhaps might make Ismael Khohi, Rahnaward Zaryab, Akram Usman and other "poet" friends of this Jehadi a bit more ashamed.

RAWA repeatedly has said that collaboration with the "Northern Alliance" is not going to bear any fruit for anyone including Mr. Karzai. The recent joint conspiracy of the above mentioned criminals is the fresh beginning of their new wave of sinister plans. Apparently Mr.Karzai is looking for a way to compete with those rivals by following the path of Panjsher that Jamaat-e-Islami and Shura-e-Nezar: rewriting history to make Masoud a hero, appointing his followers as "Marshals" and ministers, and most amusing of all, declaring Panjsher as a province with the ridiculous reason being that Masoud's valuable services to Jehad have no parallel in the past dark decades. He should have named Panjsher as "Masoud Sher" (Masoud the lion) or Afghanistan as "Masoudistan" in order to continue the display of inflating him. But changing the official name of a province with the excuse of honoring an individual will neither help the country to move ahead nor can it make a warlord, with the blood of our people on his hands, the "hero of heroes". Declaring Panjsher as a province indicates clearly that Mr. Karzai in his quest of winning the hearts and minds of Fahim's band, is ready to do anything. In this situation one should not have any hope, especially for Karzai to stop their hands from looting the billons of foreign aided dollars, misuse of power, and illegal actions. The same is the case with declaring Dikondi a province -- that serves no purpose other than to attract the bandits of Hazara warlords and attempt to win the votes of some sections of Hazara people. No doubt the people of the world are laughing at the childish games of Karzai's government.

Once again on the basis of this policy of love and care of criminal Jehadis, an infamous person like Bashir Baghlani who is an accomplice of Gulbuddin, suddenly appears as governor of Farah province. The same is true regarding the appointments of ministers, ambassadors, governors and people on duty at the Afghan embassies and consulates..

On the one hand different countries of the world are promising to give 8 billion dollars in aid, and on the other hand Mr.Karzai is considering the appointment of the dirtiest elements of Jehadis to important government posts as his most important task. Meanwhile they get themselves ready to loot the billions of coming dollars. If the bloody warlords were deprived of power, this aid would have been a hope to our people for reconstruction of the country and improvement of their lives. But because of this "Northern Alliance" mafia placed in key positions, the majority of the people can expect to see the collisions and ferocious battles of these bandits to get more of the share. For this reason we are against the delivery of the aid in the current situation, for ordinary people will get nothing while the criminals of "Northern Alliance" will try their best to fill their pockets and use it to strengthen themselves politically and militarily. That is why it is not surprising that the Finance Minister and the president of The Afghanistan Bank express their inability to render an account of billions of dollars of foreign aids to the people. Is the "tradition of Afghan friendship" to expose the crimes and thefts of companions? The stability of Afghani currency, to which the government prides, is also temporary. Economic development without a good and stable economic base, as well as political stability (which requires wiping out the Jehadis), is impossible.

Corruption is at its peak in the government offices. Anwar Jegdelak with his clown-like deputy Asghari suddenly confessed their incapability and quit as Mayor of Kabul following many scandals. While the key issue is not their leaving, but exposing their grabs, corruption and looting, and finding out how much have stolen from the assets of the Kabul municipality.

Mr. Karzai talks about the need of the presence of international forces for a further ten years until an effective military force can be established. But he forgets that until the main source of all problems - the virus of fundamentalism - is uprooted, no army is going to be established that will be free from the germ of fundamentalism. Even after 20 years it is certain that this country will never see reconstruction and eradication of corruption. The establishment of 80,000 armed forces with sensible generals who are not fundamentalists is possible in 3 years, provided the "Northern Alliance" is not involved.

The people of the world should know that Afghanistan is still insecure and a victim of terror of Taliban, Gulbuddin, Al-Qaida, their religious brothers the "Northern Alliance," . Even the barbaric Taliban never took girls and women and forced them to undergo a hospital examination to see if they have recently had sexual intercourse. But Ismael Khan, this puppet of the Iranian regime, is not immune to making such insults and humiliations against our girls in Herat. This has no parallel anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the brothers of this criminal Jehadi in Nangahar (Dean Muhammad and others) are beating male and female university artists in that province. This is not an ordinary issue and is a sign of their sympathy and harmony with the Jehadi mafias, Al-Qaida and Gulbuddin, all of whom have recently increased their terrorist actions.Their common ideology and joint history of terror, torture is going to tie the "Northern Alliance" unbreakably to Al-Qaida, Taliban and Gulbuddin.

The dark cloud of the 28th of April is still wandering over the sky of our country. In this situation anti-fundamentalist and pro-democratic forces should raise the slogan "28th of April sinister than the 27th" and unite to struggle for the honor and reconstruction of the motherland, and end the rule of the criminals in power.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
27th April 2004

- April 27, 1978: Russian puppets took power in Afghanistan.
- April 28, 1992: The Jehadi fundamentalists took power after the fall of the puppet regime.

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