RAWA statement on the black day of April 28

28th April is gloomier than 27th of April

With the collapse of the puppet regime nine years ago, a gloomy and bleak religious domination has prevailed in our country; our ruined and destroyed homeland has fallen into the claws of the rabid fundamentalists; and all its assets and belongings have been burnt in the flames of religious tyranny. From that day on, our hapless people have been experiencing a more callous and painful era than the era of the puppet regime and occupation. The killing of thousands of people, the destruction of Kabul and other cities, the abduction and rape of women, banditry, the closure of the doors of educational institutions, famine, beggary, prostitution, homelessness and the onset and fueling of ethnic and religious wars, etc. were the ominous gifts of the Jehadis and their Taliban brethren in creed.

In the catastrophe of 28th of April, the sickening fundamentalists brought a misery on our people that few people, even those under other fascist and bloodthirsty religious or non-religious regimes have ever faced. But unfortunately the world is silent even in the face of all these crimes and cruelties. A number of people regard these atrocities as "cultural" issues or take the gibberish of the Taliban representatives seriously, believing their lies that their regime is not cruel, misogynist and anti-democracy.

During the many years of domination by the Taliban and Jehadi vultures, the Afghan people learned well the real nature of the fundamentalist butchers and do not prefer one to the other, even though the Jehadis resort to "democratic" acts and gestures.

The participation of Masood in the European Parliament and his claims about "democracy" and "women rights" never will wipe clean the scar of the horrible crimes which his sinister gang committed against our people, especially our helpless and wandering women. Instead, his claims make his trickery and hypocrisy more crystal clear than ever before. Our people rightly call him a "leopard in the guise of a generous man".

Time and again we have pointed out the negative roles played by many countries in the Afghan question, and once more we warn the European countries to refrain from repeating the mistakes of the US regarding the nurturing of Gulbuddin by helping and overrating Masood. The people of the world should know that Afghan people are not from another planet and they, like other nations of the world, aspire for democracy and freedom. Afghan people regard the Jehadi and Taliban leaders to be fit only for trial in an international court of justice as the dirtiest of war criminals and would never consider them suitable as the rulers of our country.

If the Western countries really are willing for the ending of war in Afghanistan, they, first and foremost, should hold the Jehadi and Taliban forces responsible for the ongoing catastrophe and secondly and more importantly they must put pressure on all those countries that are supplying arms and ammunitions to both criminal camps. Only in this way can they prove their friendship to the Afghan people. The UN and Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan cannot fulfill their obligation towards the suffering of our refugee people in Jalozai hell and other hells inside Afghanistan just by visiting some showy and pretentious tents. If the UN or any other organization doesn't regard the plague of fundamentalism as the root cause of the Afghan imbroglio, they will never be able to reach any type of solution in the interest of the majority of our people.

Dear compatriots,

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), as the sole anti-fundamentalist organization, despite the threats and hardships, has been able to raise the voice of the chained Afghan women to the world for years. This year too, RAWA is proud to hold the 28th of April as the day of Afghanistan's destruction by the terrorist, unchaste and mother and sister raping fundamentalists through a demonstration, and to inform the world that the Afghan people regard 28th of April gloomier than 27th of April, albeit the criminal Taliban and Jehadis defend, eulogize and revere it by every means possible.

Let the mean and distasteful "cultural people" evade fighting against the Jehadi and Taliban hangmen by resorting to thousands of bastardly and roguish excuses and tricks. They hide their fear of and compromising nature with the religious fascists by nauseating "literary" acts while in reality working as their petty servants and spies.

Ultimately, however, the great slogan of "28th of April is gloomier than 27th of April" will become the slogan of our people all over our destroyed and hostage-held land, and that slogan will stand for the destruction of the blood, ignorance and treasonous "Emirates" and the establishment of a government based on freedom and democracy.

If I arise
If you arise
All will arise

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

April 28, 2001 - Peshawar

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

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