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RAWA's statement on 6th black anniversary of the swarming of fundamentalist criminals into Kabul

    End to On-going April 28 Misery Possible Only Through Wrathful Uprising

    We deplore the 6th black anniversary of the swarming of fundamentalist criminals into our beloved Kabul. This anniversary comes at a time when Taliban creatures, far more despicable and far more hopelessly ignorant than their fundamentalist predecessors, are reigning in atrocious terror and tyranny. While the ousted fundamentalist criminals had no compunction in violating the honor of thousands of Kabuli women and plundering the riches of the city and the country, the Taliban worms of mediaeval gutters have outdone by far their fundamentalist kindred in their savage aversion towards every single vestige of humanness, culture, science and human progress.

    With the pouring into Kabul of fundamentalist miscreants, our people -who for years had been crushed under the boots of the Russian invaders and their Khalqi and Parchami running dogs- became snared in a far more infernal trap. What our people and in particular our agonized women have gone through during the past six years has no equal in the history of our land. On cue from foreign masters, the fundamentalists have fanned up the flames of national, religious, ethnic, lingual and regional wars and have thus succeeded in inducing ethnic and religious groups -who until yesteryears together created momentous epics of united resistance against Russian invaders- to fall upon each other. The horrifying instances of the cutting off of ears and noses or grilling alive of Pashtuns in metal containers by Hazaras of the Wahdat-i-Islami band or the hammering in of nails into the skulls of toiling Hazara compatriots by Pashtuns of Sayyaf's Ittihad-i-Islami band can never be forgotten by our people.

    With the falling of large segments of the country and of Kabul in particular into the hands of the Taliban the situation of our unfortunate women has become ever more disastrous. They are now even forbidden -on pain of being publicly flogged and humiliated by sick-minded Talib-boys-- to venture out of their homes, thus rendering desperate the plight of thousands of bereaved women who have no male breadwinners.

    Criminal fundamentalists, whether Rabbani, Khalili, Akbari, Gulbuddin, Masoud, Sayyaf, Mullah Omar, Mullah Rabbani, or non-fundamentalist warlords such as Dostum, are all identical in their odious entities and none can in any way be deemed any better than the other. They are all equally responsible for the on-going tragedy in Afghanistan. The seeming victory of one over the other can never be final, and those who cut each other's throats one day can be expected to gang up the following day in new perfidious alignments for fresh rounds of dog-fighting. Our people can never be appeased with anything less than a summary trial and capital punishment of these criminal traitors.

    The stink of the Taliban's animosity towards freedom, democracy and women is so acrid that even their Iranian and Saudi fundamentalist brethren have been obliged to raise howls of protest at such "denigration of beloved Islam". Fundamentalists of all despicable brands and hues abuse religion for the purpose of legitimizing their treachery and crimes with the stamps of Islam and Islamic law, and are therefore the worst traitors to the Islamic religion too.

    The United States, as the master player in this Great Chess Game and posing as the prime defender of democracy and human rights, replaced her Jihadi chessmen in our country with the mercenary Taliban band to further promote her regional interests. While strongly deploring the interference and lackey-breeding policies of Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the United States and other countries towards Afghanistan, we believe that it is ridiculous to consider foreign interference in Afghanistan as the prime cause for the devastation of our country. Even the criminal fundamentalists make noises every now and then against foreign interference and attribute all their dog-fighting and perfidy to such meddling from abroad. Foreign interference is not the cause but the effect of the traitorous essence of criminal fundamentalists and mercenary warlords who with unparalleled insolence are ever ready and willing to put on the dog's collar of whatever foreign power who outdoes the others in its largesse of arms and dollars.

    The futile efforts of the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Countries and other international forums for finding a solution to the Afghanistan problem are all doomed to failure because on the one hand they all place the destiny of the people of Afghanistan in the hands of criminal fundamentalist bands and on the other hand these international bodies are themselves servile instruments in the hands of powers who for years nurtured and sponsored these very fundamentalist criminals. The goings and coming and hobnobbings of the United Nations Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi with heads of different belligerent factions in Afghanistan are all exercises in futility as the root cause of the bleeding Afghan sore, i.e. the fundamentalist rot, is constantly ignored. The United Nations should understand that only disarming of the incumbent criminals and the trial of heads of Jihadi and Taliban bands can open the way to a meaningful and lasting peace in Afghanistan. It is relevant to note that if the United Nations had had the interests of the Afghan people and of peace in Afghanistan at heart it would have expelled the Rabbani "government" delegate from the UN and declared Afghan representation off limits to Taliban creatures.

    We believe that any and all manifestation of deference and submissiveness on the part of certain social and political groupings and individuals and literary circles vis-à-vis the fundamentalists is abject cowardice, and assert that perpetrators of such cowardice are bound to ultimately reveal themselves as accomplices in treason with fundamentalist traitors. We shall therefore struggle unrelentingly to expose all such collaborators.

    The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) hereby reiterates that only decisive and uncompromising struggle against fundamentalism is the key to the solution of the Afghan conundrum and the cessation of foreign interference in our country. We call upon all pro-freedom and pro-democracy Afghan organizations and individuals to wake up to the burden of the great sorrow of our people, to cast despair overboard, to consider any and all deals and compromises with the fundamentalist hangmen as high treason and to rally to mobilize the masses for the formation of a broad anti-fundamentalist front geared to exposing and ejecting religious fascists and establishing a society based on democratic values in Afghanistan.

    The religious hangmen respond with bullets to the slightest popular protest. The firing upon the protest march of the people of Mazar some weeks ago by lackeys of the Iranian regime is an example which brings home the harsh truth which we have maintained again and again: that the only response to these myrmidons tyrants and terrorists can be nothing but blow for blow.


    Your contribution to the emancipation of our homeland from the clutches of Jihadi and Taliban monsters can only be realized through your accession to patriotic anti- fundamentalist, pro-freedom and pro-democracy groupings and organizations. Do not allow the monsters to play with the destiny of our country and our people any more.

    Down with Jihadi and Taliban fundamentalists and their foreign masters!

    Hoist high the banner of Freedom and Democracy over our blood-drenched homeland!

    Paymasters of fundamentalist bands, hands off our country!

    Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
    April 28, 1998

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